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PSL 4 T20 Points Table 2019 Results & Standings PDF Free Download | Pakistan Super League Table,Cricbuzz,Cricinfo

Hey everyone! If you are searching for PSL Point Table 2019? Or PSL Point table 2019, season 4? Then you are in the right place. On this platform, you can get an exclusive list of PSL Point table, Schedule, and Matches so that you can check out the ranking of each team. You just have to read this post till the end to get all detail. Just stay with us!

Now in this post, I am telling you a complete list of PSL Point Table 2019! Let’s start with PSL 2019 Point table!

PSL 2019 Points Table, Pakistan Super League Today,Cricbuzz,Cricinfo

As you know that PSL is starting between February and March.  PSL is a t20 Cricket tournament and all matches of PSL 2019 will be played in Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Karachi, and Lahore.

The Schedule has been confirmed and announced by PCB. PSL follows the rules and regulations by ICC (International Cricket Council). As you know scores depend on the point and tell us the ability and performance of every team.

Then playoffs and Quarter-Final matches are played by those teams who got high points. You don’t have to worry, in this post you will get all the information about the points table, format of points, play-off matches etc. You just have to stay with us!

According to PSL point table 2018, season 3, the top four teams are selected from six teams for playing play-offs in PSL 2019.


Let me tell you about Play-off matches!


As I told you above, the top four teams are selected for playoffs. By following above conditions and points, the following play-offs will be played by the top four selected teams. For example, take as T1, T2, T3, and T4.

  • T1 and T2 will be played (the winning team will play the final and losing team will be played with from the following winging team)
  • T3 and T4 will be played (As winning team from T3 and T4 will be played semi-final with the losing team from T1 and T2 and losing a team from T3 and T4 will be eliminated from the tournament)

Semi-final winner will play the final match with the team who already selected for the final match.

Without wasting any moment let’s see PSL Point Table written as below:

Point Format

Here I am going to discuss the point format. As you know each PSL team has a squad that consisted of 16 players with 4 supplementary players. Each team will play almost 10 matches with the double round robin format. There are 2 points for winning teams, no point for losing the team and 1 point for no result. The first four teams will qualify for the next playoffs. If teams have equal run then a super over will be played both teams to score up.

PSL Point Table 2019

Point Format-Table

Points Condition
2 For winners
0 For Losers
1 No result
Super Over For tie matches

As the above table shows the winning team will get 2 points. Losing team will get 0 points. In case both teams have no result than 1 point will be given to both teams. And if the matches are tied then a super will be given for teams to get the outcome of the match.

PSL Points Table T20 2018 – Results & Standings

In the above table, each team will play 10 matches in PSL 2019, season 4. In previous PSL, Islamabad United won 7 matches and lost 3 matches. For best performance by Islamabad United got 14 points that are top points as compared to other teams. The NET RR points of Islamabad United is also high which is 0.296 in PSL 2018.



1-Karachi Kings
2-Multan Sultan
3-Quetta Gladiators
4-Peshawar Zalmi
5-Islamabad United
6-Lahore Aulander’s

Pakistan Super League Point Table 2019

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Final Verdict

It’s all about Pakistan Super League 2019 Point Table. I hope in this post you will get complete information of PSL 2019 season 4. If you still have any question then you can tell us by commenting below.

Now, PSL 2019, addition 4 will be starting soon. So, do not miss upcoming PSL 2019, because PSL 2019 complete series will live on our website with high-resolution quality. Stay tuned to get the latest updates!

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